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Our stormwater management services have first-hand experience and are designed to effectively manage the flow and quality of stormwater runoff. With our expertise, we can help you minimize erosion, protect your property, and comply with regulations while also promoting sustainability.

What is Stormwater Management?

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Although many individuals have heard the phrase “stormwater management”, most have not inquired about the topic at hand. However, it is exactly as the name states— the management of stormwater, but more specifically, the control of surface runoff that occurs during a rainfall event.
During rainfall, rainwater lands on the ground and depending on the ground surface (lawns, pavement, etc.), the ground will begin to absorb the rainwater. Nevertheless, as the ground’s capacity to absorb rainwater diminishes, the rainwater runs off of the ground surface, is directed by gravity, and travels down the slope. Once the runoff accumulates and increases in velocity, flooding and erosion start to develop. This is where stormwater management comes into play.
Although flooding and erosion usually occur during more abundant rainfall events, certain changes or improvements to the land can have an adverse effect on the ability of the ground to absorb and maintain the additional runoff. With runoff occurring at the beginning of a rain event, the velocity and volume of the runoff are increased, causing flooding and erosion. As a result, stormwater management practices are implemented to mitigate such events from occurring.

Effective Stormwater Management Services Conducted by a Civil Engineer - West Chester, PA

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Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Stormwater management services can help prevent the pollution of waterways by managing the quality of stormwater runoff from developed areas. This process involves implementing best management practices (BMPs) such as erosion and sediment controls, catch basins, filtration systems, and bio-retention facilities.

Flood Control

Stormwater management services can help mitigate the risk of flooding by controlling the quantity of stormwater runoff and providing flood elevation certificates. This can be achieved through techniques such as detention basins, retention ponds, and green infrastructure like rain gardens and permeable pavement.

Drainage System Maintenance

Stormwater management services can also provide routine maintenance to drainage systems to prevent blockages and ensure they function correctly. This includes tasks such as cleaning and repairing storm drains, culverts, and pipes, as well as inspecting and maintaining detention and retention basins.

The Intricate Process of Stormwater Planning and Design

Site Analysis

Our team of professional land surveyors performs the necessary land surveying services. A survey of the site is conducted to determine the existing drainage patterns, the amount and location of impervious surfaces, and the soil types present. Additionally, a boundary survey is also necessary for property line identification. Failure to follow the property lines could result in drainage systems being built on neighboring properties or in public areas, leading to legal disputes and potential liability issues.

Establishing Goals

The goals of the stormwater management plan are established, such as reducing peak runoff rates, improving water quality, and meeting local regulations.

Preliminary Design

A variety of stormwater management techniques are evaluated and selected based on their ability to meet the established goals. Techniques might include infiltration basins, bioretention areas, and permeable pavement. A preliminary design of the stormwater management system is created, including layout, sizing, and dimensions.

Regulatory Review

The preliminary design is submitted for review by local regulatory agencies to ensure it meets all applicable regulations.

Final Design

The final design of the stormwater management system is completed, including construction details and specifications.

Construction Administration

During construction, the stormwater management system is installed, including any necessary grading, excavation, and installation of drainage structures.

Post-construction Monitoring

After construction is complete, the stormwater management system is monitored to ensure it is functioning as designed and meeting the established goals.

The Importance of Compliance Surrounding Stormwater Management

It is important to meet regulatory requirements for stormwater management because it helps to protect the environment, public health, and safety. Stormwater runoff from developed areas can contain pollutants such as sediment, oil and grease, heavy metals, and other contaminants that can harm aquatic ecosystems and compromise the quality of drinking water sources.

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